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The name is Selvamani.R. I was born in Rangoon, Burma now known as Yangoon and Myanmar respectively. I had my schooling in I.E.S. .Khalsa School there in Rangoon and came to Tamilnadu, India, did my Pre-University in Sir Thegaraya College,Chennai and M.B.B.S., in Madurai Medical College. Later did my Diploma and Masters Degree in the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Egmore, Madras Medical College, Chennai.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


[This is actually from a college magazine I read in my Undergraduate days. Author unknown. It still remains fresh in my memory !]

One day when I went to my school after a few days absence I found that the routine medical examination was over and I was asked to go the doctor’s certificate. So I dutifully got his address from the office and called on him.
When I explained the purpose he eyed me suspiciously
“What happened to the old one?” He asked thinking I lost the certificate.
“Oh! He is all right doc! “I replied thinking he is asking about our headmaster.
The doctor shook his head and asked “How do you hear?”
Well then, honestly I thought he meant ‘How did you come here?”. After all you can’t expect high flown English from a doctor.
“By bus, doc! ‘
“Tut, tut ! Too bad! “the doctor said.
“Right doc. I have been asking my dad to buy me a cycle for a long time.”
The doctor again shook his head and proceeded to examine me.
He noticed a swelling near my knee and asked “Tell me the history!”
‘History doc ! Shall I start with the Moghul Empire? “
“Tell me how you got it?”
Oh ! So that’s what he meant. Why can’t he speak simple English?
“I fell down from my cot, doc.”
‘How long ? “
“Six foot, doc.”
To my knowledge I answered all the questions truthfully but I don’t know why the doctor wrote a bad report..
Doctors perplex me!